Welcome to Plan-It Perfect!


For over 25 years, I spent my days (and nights and weekends) planning events and conferences for mass audiences in the corporate world. In my spare time I planned a myriad of personal parties and events, organized people’s lives and established a reputation as the go to gift gal for a variety of people.


“My dream has always been to take what I excel at in the corporate world,
and bring it over to a personal, consumer level.”


So, when corporate restructuring saw my position of ten years eliminated, I felt the time was right to finally live out my dream, and Plan-It Perfect, LLC was born.


“We take the everyday things in your life – errands, gift giving, planning parties – and tackle them with our expert, unique and creative approach.”


I am a Certified Meeting Professional most recently serving as Director of Conferences and Events for a national healthcare finance organization. During my time there I managed events for 25-5000 people, and in 2010 successfully relocated a 5000 person national conference in six weeks following catastrophic flooding as the scheduled conference site.


What I can do for you:


Plan the Perfect Party or Event
Perfectly execute your Everyday Errands and Tasks
Figure out the Perfect Gift for your friends and family for every occasion


Take a look at our Services page for more information about what we can do for you!


“I look forward to making you look good!
Whatever you need, let Plan-It Perfect take care of it for you, and Consider It Done!”